wall tie detector


Whites wall tie detectors and Imp wall tie locators are both now unavailable to buy from anywhere, if you’re lucky enough to have an Imp wall tie detector you maybe able to get it repaired, but how long the spare parts will be around for is another question.

Here at Coastal wall ties Ltd we realised that this would pose a problem to surveyors and wall tie replacement companies alike, and didn’t want to be stuck without a wall tie locator for future jobs, or to hunt for a stud/wall tie detector that actually picks up old wall ties, so we put our heads together and found the answer!

The VA2 Wall Tie Locator 

We needed something similar to the Imp wall tie locator and the Whites wall tie detector, with the VA2 wall tie locator’s lightweight design and fully waterproof housing, it’s ticking all the right boxes. What’s more is that the VA2 wall tie detector is extremely accurate and comes with features such as LED, Vibration and toned pin pointing, Rechargeable via a USB cable (supplied).

Don’t get stuck looking for a wall tie detector when your Whites or Imp wall tie detector fails, our VA2 wall tie locator has been tried and tested with our seal of approval.

Order yours today.

VA2 Wall tie locator

Is it the end for wall tie detectors?