Lintel Replacement

Coastal Wall Ties provide an expert lintel replacement service throughout Sussex and Hampshire.

What are lintels

Lintels are installed to support the weight of the brickwork above openings on windows and doors. They are generally made from steel or concrete, but can also be made from wood, brick or stone. They may be installed on the external wall only, or as one complete lintel that sits on both the external and internal walls.

Why do lintels fail

A lintel will rust, expand or rot over time, causing cracking which in turn reduces support to the brickwork above it.

Some properties don’t have lintels above the windows or doors due to the installation of metal framed windows and/or doors (during the original build) that acted as a lintel. Over the course of a property’s history, owners may have replaced these windows or doors for modern UPVC units, often with no advice from the window fitters that a lintel is needed. In time this lack of support creates sagging of the brickwork, putting pressure on the door or window frame itself.

At some stage in your property’s life it may be necessary for lintel replacement above your windows and doors to ensure that the brickwork remains fully supported.


Lintel Replacement in West Sussex - Before

Lintel Replacement in West Sussex – Before


Lintel Replacement in West Sussex - After

Lintel Replacement in West Sussex – After

Our expert lintel replacement service

Coastal Wall Ties can carry out expert lintel replacement to your property. Our comprehensive service ensures that after installation we match the pointing or render repair to your existing colour and finish. This seamless blending means that the lintel replacement is an invisible repair to your property, enhancing both its structure and appearance.

Our Clients

Coastal Wall Ties work on domestic properties in Sussex and Hampshire and we welcome contract enquiries from managing agents, architects and building contractors. We are fully insured and work to the highest industry standards with an insurance-backed guarantee. We are up to date and fully compliant with the latest Health and Safety regulations.

Contact us for professional lintel replacement advice

For all your lintel replacement queries and for expert advice please contact Coastal Wall Ties by phone on 01903 713053/07513 345231. Email us at:, or send an online enquiry. You may be assured of our professional, affordable and prompt advice, backed with a free no-obligation quotation.


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