Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

Cavity Wall Tie Damage CrackCoastal Wall Ties are specialists in cavity wall tie replacement and are based near Worthing, West Sussex. Our team of highly skilled wall tie replacement technicians carry out work in and around Sussex and Hampshire. We take great pride in our wall tie replacement work and are known for our high quality of making good, often amazing customers with how well we match brick colours and mortar colours after installing the new wall ties, Our quotations for wall tie replacement or wall tie surveys are Free and highly competitive, and all of our wall tie replacement work comes with a 25 year Company guarantee and the option of an insurance backed guarantee for extra peace of mind.

We generally use mechanical stainless steel wall ties, however depending on the property other types of remedial wall tie may be required.
The types of remedial wall ties available are;

Drive Tie

These wall ties are made from 304 stainless-steel, using a small 5.5mm pilot hole these wall ties twist into the holes by using a special attachment fixed to a hammer drill. They are most suited to celcon blocks, clay bricks, concrete blocks or timber studs.

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

Resin to Resin wall ties

Resin to resin wall ties are made from 304 stainless steel, they are 6mm in diameter and a pilot hole of 10mm is drilled through the masonry. Resin is then pumped into the inner leaf through the pilot hole, followed by the wall tie and then the resin on the outer leaf. They are most suited to masonry where the quality of the fixing is unclear.

Cavity Wall Tie Crack DamageDouble mechanical wall ties

Double mechanical ties with neoprene expanders are pre-torqued stainless steel wall ties 304 grade. They are designed to provide a fast and reliable fixing by only allowing the outer part of the tie to expand once the inner wall has fixed in place, they regularly achieve pull out figures of over 2.5 newtons.
The pilot holes are 10 mm, the ties are fixed using a cordless drill and a tool that fits over the tie allowing it to expand. Mechanical wall ties are also available in brass instead of neoprene.

What are cavity wall ties and why are they used?


An old cavity wall tie expanding within the mortar joint.

The purpose of a cavity construction is to prevent water penetration, unlike the traditional solid nine inch masonry wall by splitting it into two leaves of 4½ inch brick, linked with metal ties. Cavity wall ties are laid out in a uniform spacing pattern: a diamond formation with wall ties at 900mm centres in courses set 450mm apart. At door and window openings the spacing is reduced to 300mm vertically.

The most common wall tie used is mild steel and the commonest manufactured forms are the fishtail or vertical twist ties (either galvanised or bitumen coated) and the galvanised butterfly wire tie.

All mild-steel ties are susceptible to corrosion over time. Because the service life of the masonry is much longer than that of the mild steel at some point in its life the wall may need replacement of the wall ties.

Cavity Wall Tie Failure

Prior to wall tie replacement

A property in West Sussex with wall tie failure prior to wall tie replacement.

Problems with corroded wall ties have become extremely common to properties in Sussex and Hampshire. The corrosion of wall ties can seriously affect the structure of a building. Over time mild steel wall ties expand and corrode forcing apart the bricks above and below the bed joints in which the cavity wall ties are laid (this can be up to 7 times it’s original size), producing a pattern of horizontal cracks coinciding with the tie position. It is important to treat the symptoms of wall tie failure as in some cases walls will bow and could collapse due to external forces.

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