With the government pushing for all homes with cavity walls to be insulated, the problems home owners are now facing after the installation of cavity wall insulation are becoming increasingly common.

Cavity walls were designed to stop penetrating damp, however with insulation filling the cavity you are effectively creating a bridge for water that soaks into the external bricks to track onto the internal wall.

The main type of insulation that causes this to happen is mineral fibre ( White wool/ Rock wool), which apparently has a waterproof coating, “I personally have removed this insulation and it is more like a sponge”.

Cavity Wall Insulation Problems Water Damp Moisture

“I personally have removed this insulation and it is more like a sponge”

Some properties that have had this installed may not be affected however a lot do, due to porous bricks, Incorrect installation, mortar covering wall ties and breached damp courses.

Other problems insulating cavities include:

  • Condensation due to lack of ventilation
  • Bead Insulation leaking from holes and vents
  • Disintegrating foam creating cold spots, again creating condensation issues

If you think you have a damp problem caused by insulation, call Coastal Wall Ties Ltd, We can inspect the cause of the damp problem and give a free quotation to rectify the problem.

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Cavity Wall Insulation Problems