The Coastal Wall Ties team has extensive experience in both brick replacement and brick repair. Our expertise brings property owners peace of mind when faced with areas of brickwork that have become damaged.

For all their sturdy construction and attractive looks, exterior bricks — either singly or in groups — may need replacement or repair for a number of reasons. The exposed face of the brick may, after years of withstanding wind and weather, lose its weatherproofing abilities and allow water to penetrate, leading to damp and further cracking. Frost attack is often a culprit, with successive rapid freeze and thaw cycles causing damage to the brickwork face.

A flaking brick surface, called ‘spalling’, or obvious cracks in the brickwork signal that remedial action is needed. Property owners may be rightly concerned that their attractive weathered bricks may be replaced by new, and therefore, mismatched bricks. We offer complete reassurance that the property will be restored to its original appearance, whatever the nature of the defect.

Brick Replacement & Brick Repair

Brick Replacement & Brick Repair

Damaged bricks: replace or repair

Depending on the cause of the brick damage, we have a number of solutions to restore a property’s appearance as well as its integrity, ensuring that it’s once again reliably weatherproof.

The Coastal Wall Ties team are experts in replacing damaged or spalled bricks, with precise matching to the existing colour and finish of the brickwork as well as to the mortar repair. We understand property owners’ concerns and have over 20 years’ experience in replacing and repairing not only standard bricks but also decorative bricks, which can be sourced to match the originals.

Whenever a spalling brick repair is possible, skilled mortar replacement will disguise any defect. Once the job is complete the replacements or repairs are invisible.

Bringing the outside in: brickwork and pointing for interior design projects

Our expertise with brick replacement and repair, as well as brick pointing and repointing lends itself perfectly to interior design projects where natural brickwork is a desired feature. A range of brick mortar mixes and brick pointing styles ensures that a highly individual finish can be achieved, blending or contrasting with existing features.

Real brick is becoming increasingly popular in homes and public spaces to add a stylish, yet understated feature. The classic good looks of real brickwork are equally at home in modern, traditional or industrial-chic settings. Brickslips are commonly used as they are thinner than standard bricks, preserving valuable space yet offering the durability and low-maintenance features associated with traditional brickwork.

Our Clients

Coastal Wall Ties work on domestic properties in Sussex and Hampshire and we welcome contract enquiries from managing agents, architects and building contractors. We are fully insured and work to the highest industry standards with an insurance-backed guarantee. We are up to date and fully compliant with the latest Health and Safety regulations.

Contact us for expert brick replacement and brick repair advice and solutions

Brick replacement or repair is key to avoiding further problems, as well as restoring every property’s appearance and appeal.

If you need bricks replaced or bricks repaired in your wall, contact Coastal Wall Ties on 01903 713053, send an email to or send an online enquiry to discuss your replacement brick and repaired brick requirements and a no obligation free quotation.


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