Crack Stitching is used to reinforce an area of a wall where vertical cracks have appeared due to stress and movement.

Crack Stitching in Brickwork of Wall

Crack Stitching in Brickwork of Wall

To repair the cracks in the wall, we use stainless steel helical bars installed horizontally which are spread at least 500mm either side of the crack and where the crack is less than 500mm from the external corner or opening. They are extending round the corner by at least 100mm. The crack stitching bars are bedded within the mortar joint using resin and then made good to match the existing mortar colour and finish.

Stitching cracks in bricks is essential to ensure that the wall is not weakened by the cracks getting worse.

Coastal wall ties will ensure that all making good blends with the existing colours and finishes so that it becomes an invisible crack stitching repair.

Cracks in walls can appear for many reasons and it is important that the correct diagnosis is made to ensure that the correct method of repair is used, failure to correctly identify the cause of the cracking can result in further expense and continued cracking.

If you notice cracks in your wall,and your property is in the Sussex and Hampshire area or believe that your cracks might need to be stitched, please contact Coastal Wall Ties on 01903 713053, send an email to or send an online enquiry to discuss your crack stitching requirements and a no obligation free quotation.


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