Crack Stitching is used to reinforce an area of an external wall where vertical cracks have appeared, usually due to stress and movement. Any cracks which appear need investigation. Once the cause has been determined appropriate remedial action can be taken, leading to peace of mind for the property owner.

Why do mortar cracks appear in brick walls

Mortar cracks in brick walls can appear for a number of other reasons as well as stress and movement. Causes may include extreme weather conditions, or damage from tree roots. It’s important that the correct diagnosis is made in order to ensure that the correct method of repair is used. Failure to correctly identify the cause of the cracking can result in continued cracking, structural damage and further expense.

Stitching cracks in bricks is essential to ensure that the wall is not further weakened as the cracks worsen. Our crack stitching repair will restore the property’s stability as well as the structural integrity of the brickwork.

What do the cracks look like

The cracks may be vertical, or stepped (like a staircase) and usually follow the line of the mortar.


Crack Stitching in Brickwork of Wall

Crack Stitching in Brickwork of Wall


How are the cracks repaired

To repair the cracks in the wall we use stainless steel helical bars installed horizontally. These bars are spread at least 500mm either side of the crack and where the crack is less than 500mm from the external corner or opening. They extend around the corner by at least 100mm. The crack stitching bars are bedded within the mortar joint using resin, then made good to match the existing mortar colour and finish.

Coastal Wall Ties: crack stitching specialists

Coastal Wall Ties bring their professional expertise to every stage of the process, so that when completed the mortar crack repair is completely invisible.

A crack stitching repair carried out by a reputable professional is effective, permanent, and causes minimal disruption.

Our Clients

Coastal Wall Ties work on domestic properties in Sussex and Hampshire and we welcome contract enquiries from managing agents, architects and building contractors. We are fully insured and work to the highest industry standards with an insurance-backed guarantee. We are up to date and fully compliant with the latest Health and Safety regulations.

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