Are you in two minds whether rising damp is a myth?

As a company involved in resolving damp issues for property owners, we often work for customers who have had rising damp treatments with no success.

I am not dismissing that rising damp can occur through porous building materials, but I have never seen a perished damp course!

What we often find upon inspection of the cavity at the damp course level is debris within the cavity breaching the damp course. This can be from when the property was built or from deterioration of the mortar within the cavity and work carried out on the property over the years i.e windows being bricked up or widened etc.

I have a question!

When cavity wall insulation is installed, do they stop the material from falling below the damp course line?

Answer – NO!

As you may have read in our blog on insulation causing damp problems, this material isn’t waterproof, it’s more like a sponge in most cases.

So is this a contributing factor of rising damp?

Rising damp debate