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The Nuaire DRI ECO HEAT HC (hall controlled unit) has a low powered heating element and provides clean air throughout the whole house, it prevents condensation and mould whilst providing allergy and polluntant free air. This unit is suitable for homes with a loft space.


The Nuaire DRI ECO HEAT HC PIV system is a whole house ventilation system for properties with a loft space, the positive input ventilation system cures condensation and mould problems by increasing clean air circulation around your home and it is clinically proven to benefit asthma and allergy sufferers.

This Nuaire PIV system has a 400w heating element that gently warms the air, meaning there is minimal heat loss.

The unit incorporates a radio frequency so that additional sensors can be used to control the unit, such as the 4 way switch DRI ECO-4S, this switch allows the occupant to control the fans running speed.

  • 7 Year warranty included.
  • Easy to install.
  • Cures condensation and mould.
Nuaire DRI ECO HEAT HC (Hall Controlled)